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The Best Places to Elope in Idaho (2022)


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Perfect Places to Elope in Idaho

As an Idaho Elopement Photographer, I truly believe this state has a distinct & radiant beauty that is pure joy to capture. It makes my job so fun to see the looks of wonder on a couple’s face as they look out from a mountain peak or stand at the shore of an aquamarine lake. If you’re looking for places to elope in Idaho, you won’t have to work hard! Here are some of the best & most beautiful places worthy of celebrating a love for the ages.


Best Spot for an Idaho Mountain Elopement: Sawtooth Wilderness

The Sawtooth Mountains are one of the most rugged & dramatic places for your Idaho Elopement. Nestled along the I-75 in the heart of the Sawtooths, Stanley and Sun Valley are wonderful jumping-off points for all kinds of adventure. For a window into the jaw-dropping mountain ranges and lush forests, while still keeping a bit of luxury, check out Sun Valley! When it comes to places to elope in Idaho, this is a special spot. Tucked into the side of the Sawtooth National Forest, this picturesque skiing village with beautiful resorts is a gem!

For a more remote experience in the Sawtooths, you might want to look north towards Stanley. Some of the best places to elope in this part of Idaho include the shining Sawtooth Lake, the intimate Fishhook Creek Trail, and the truly majestic & giant Redfish Lake. Whether you want to stay in the cabins in town, hunt down an Airbnb, or take advantage of one of the many local campsites for a truly wild elopement, Stanley is the base point for all that this area has to offer. For more information on how to elope in the Sawtooth Mountains, take a look at the guide I’ve written! There are countless winding dirt roads and hiking paths for you to turn down and explore. From almost any point in this town, anywhere you look is going to give you a truly soaring view of the surrounding peaks.

If you want a winter elopement with lots of skiing & snowsports, this is one of the best places to elope in Idaho. Outside of that, I’d suggest that you stick to Spring and Fall so that you have access to the best trails & most transcendent mountain views. The hikes around Sun Valley will take your breath away! Tumbling creeks, hidden glens, and frosty peaks. I have a whole guide on How to Elope in Sun Valley, so if you’re considering it, be sure to check that out!


Couple sharing an embrace as the bride's veil flies with the wind at Fishhook Creek Trail


Perfect Place for an Adventure Elopement in Idaho: City of Rocks

The City of Rocks is one of the more unique places to elope in Idaho. It’s an almost otherworldly landscape that has been fascinating to people for hundreds of years. In fact, it shows up in countless historical accounts of the settlers heading down to California. It’s a stark valley of granite shapes & spires, with craggy silhouettes and panoramic views. The numerous rock formations make this spot a climber’s paradise, with access to world-class routes. It also is filled with numerous hiking trails and campsites that showcase the interesting features of each tower, making it perfect for an adventure elopement. If you’re looking for places to elope in Idaho that are truly striking and different: you have to consider the City of Rocks!



Most Unique Idaho Elopement Location: Craters of the Moon

Halfway between Boise and Yellowstone, you’ll find the incredible Craters of the Moon – this unbelievable landscape feels, like the name suggests, moonlike & almost alien. In my opinion, it’s one of the most underrated places to elope in Idaho. Far from being from outer space, though, it’s actually an ancient lava field. The frozen magma has settled in swirls & patterns in a dramatic dark color, broken up by cinder cones and craters that are perfect for exploring.

There’s an amazing 7-mile loop around this park, taking you on a stunning drive through the most striking features. If you choose to elope in Idaho here, you can jump out of the car at any point that the landscape calls to you & head out into it. Make sure you grab a cave permit so that you can explore the caves, too!

Best Forest to Elope in Idaho: Boise National Forest

Boise National Forest really holds all the qualities that make Idaho such an underrated & powerful place to elope. This nature reserve covers over two million acres of land. It holds deep forests, wild grasslands, foaming rivers, blooming meadows full of wildflowers, over 250 shimmering lakes, huge mountain peaks, & even natural hot springs!


Bride smiles as she sways with her dress while holding her bouquet during her elopement shoot at Boise National Forest


Boise National Forest is just between an hour to an hour & a half from Boise itself, which makes it one of the best places to elope in Idaho if you’re coming in from out of state. You can stay in Boise and make the drive same-day, or look for a forest Airbnb to celebrate your marriage – either way, you’re going to be blown away by the pristine & wild beauty on display here.


 Top Places to Elope in the Snake River Plain of Idaho

Snake River Plain stretches throughout the southern half of Idaho, and it holds so many beauties. One standout is Snake River Valley, which has over 30 different waterfalls, including the mighty Shoshone Falls. This majestic falls sees the river plunge headlong over a 212-foot cliff into a misty bowl. You could pledge your love here; with the mighty thunder of the falls resounding around you and rainbows of promise forming in the air behind you. 

But if you’re looking for places to elope in Idaho that are a little more private & intimate, I’d suggest Massacre Rocks State Park. Nestled right on Snake River itself, this park has a rich history of settlers passing through on the Oregon Trail. With the rushing river & bold cliffs, you can see why it’s now protected. There are some of the most quaint riverside cabins down here.  They’d make the perfect spot to get ready the morning of your adventurous Idaho elopement. If camping is more your style, there are some great campsites here, too!


Groom takes bride's hand in his and gives it a light kiss during their elopement at Boise National Forest, captured by Alexa Ann


Finding the Perfect Places to Elope in Idaho

As you can see, we are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to places to elope in Idaho. Now it’s up to you – what kind of adventure do you want to have? Wandering vibrant woods along rushing rivers? Skiing down mountain slopes? Soaking in the drama of a desert landscape? Basking in the power of thundering falls? 

Whatever you decide, I hope your day is everything you dreamed of and more. For more information to help make your dream elopement possible, take a look at my How to Elope in Idaho guide!





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