March 3, 2020 /

California Coast Engagement Session


This job makes me feel things. A lot. Sometimes I think about years down the line, when life looks completely different, and how these images will remain the exact same, taking you back to formative years. This time I’m documenting, it’s formative. You are building your life together, creating rhythms and foundational memories. I have the privilege of giving you a window to this significant time, over and over again, bringing you to the start, the core. Reminding you why you so boldly chose to commit to a life of loving each other, together.

I think it’s the coolest when I am brought into this season by people I know personally and cherish. It adds even more emotional depth to my process. And just a few months ago, I was invited into something extra special– my sister and her fiance’s engagement (!!!!!). Photographing the love that lives between them and handing them tangible moments of that love, means everything to me. It is truly something profound to have the opportunity to observe and capture a relationship so close to my heart.

This is part of your love legacy. These images are points of access to your love not only by future you, but also by the ones you hold dear, even long after you’re gone. I will forever look at these images and be reminded of what I admire about Lauren and Gabe. I’m reminded of their playfulness– like how they are the ones to gather our family closer around a board or card game, bringing belly laughter to every family weekend. I’m reminded of their honesty, as they talk through hard things with me a grant me a perspective that holds sound logic that my very emotional heart fails to see. I’m reminded of their support, ready to take me in and feed me whenever life gets hard.

That’s what I desire to provide you with– a pure representation of your love and how you love those close to you, and believe me when I say it is a true honor to give.


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