January 31, 2020 /

Edgy Historic Richmond Wedding


One thing that has always attracted me to this work has been the opportunity to care for people. I love giving people a space to feel seen & known for exactly who they are. A space that allows them to confidently own what they love & how they love. But it is truly something profound when that care is reciprocated back to me. Lindsay & Myles have been those people. They have fostered my own creativity while allowing me to capture theirs. They have boldly taken me in and made me feel like family, trusting me with so much more than photos. They have made me feel valued in a way that surpasses payment, and every part of this job has reminded me why I’m drawn to doing this thing– which is not something easily felt.

Lindsay & Myles had extraordinary vision. The two of them worked hard to creatively shape their wedding into a day that honored their relationship well. You could feel the intention behind every detail, and their thoughtfulness truly shows. Though living in Brooklyn, they chose Richmond, the city where they first fell in love, to mark this next season. They took a historic building downtown and somehow made it the perfect Adam’s family, rock n roll, romantic space.

With boldness, there is freedom. With freedom, vibrancy. I think the power of love is felt strongest when those things play a part in its formation. I feel more and more with this job that it truly requires courage to let someone see you as you are so freely, and I’m tremendously thankful for every clients’ bravery in allowing me to see & capture the raw beauty that lives between them. Congrats to you, Lindsay & Myles! You are radiant.


Florals: Vessel & Stem

Planning: For Love of Love

Venue: Bolling Haxall House

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