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Adventurous Redwood Forest Engagement Photos


Redwood Forest Engagement Session

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Joyful & Adventurous Redwood Forest Engagement Photos

I’ve taken a lot of forest engagement photos in my time as an engagement & elopement photographer, but few will be as special to me like these ones. Lauren is my sister! She & Gabe are the absolute best, and they’ve had to reschedule their wedding due to Covid three different times – so we decided to take this day as a time to honor & celebrate this season of their lives, though it’s been so prolonged.

I scouted out a location in the Redwoods for their adventurous engagement shoot, and I helped pick out outfits in earthy tones to complement the surrounding environment without totally blending in. (In a bit of a side note, I love helping clients design the little aesthetic details of their day, like their clothes & hair – small details make such a difference!)

A Deep History & a Bright Future

The Redwoods have a way of firing your imagination and bringing out the adventurous side of anyone – and you can see this excitement in these forest engagement photos. I basked in the sun peeking through the trees, the joy exuding from the two of them as they walked hand in hand down the path, and the towering trunks that surrounded us so fully. 

The peace you find in the Redwood forests is unlike anything else. These ancient giants have lived through so much history that there was something so fitting about them shadowing us as we looked ahead & celebrated what is to come. 

For another tender engagement session in breathtaking forest scenery, check out this North Cascades proposal! The PNW has some of the world’s best places to get your forest engagement photos, and for adventurous couples, there’s nowhere better! I’d love to help you craft an incredible experience to honor your love story – so don’t hold back. Get in touch!






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