June 14, 2021 /

Glacier National Park Mountain Top Portrait Session


A man kisses his girlfriends hand as they pose in the field during their Glacier National Park Mountain Top Portrait Session by Alexa Ann Photography


A vivid Glacier National Park portrait session

As a wedding photographer, the quest to find magnificent photo locations never ends. I’m always searching for awe-inspiring places to craft meaningful experiences for my couples. It is my mission to find the perfect scene for special moments that will create long lastingmemories. Summertime in Montana is one of those places – the blooming wildflowers spill across the fields and mountains creating the most beautiful setting to celebrate your love with a photoshoot. I had the honor of capturing Tess and Drew, two of my friends from college, and the beloved mountainous scenery at Glacier National Park. 

Capturing love & creating memories

Tess and Drew met in college. They were friends for a long time before they dated and, as their love grew, they frequently visited Glacier National Park. It quickly became a regular part of their blossoming relationship. Tess loves to paint, while Drew is an avid fly-fisher. Visits to this humbling park became a cornerstone of inspiration for each of these hobbies. So we incorporated their love for fishing and painting into this portrait session! It’s important to me to capture the things that are meaningful to a couple, rather than simply staging photographic moments for them. 

A quiet afternoon and a magnificent sunset

We broke up this Glacier National Park portrait session into two parts: a quiet outing to a nearby river for Tess to sketch and Drew to fly fish and then we watched the sunset over the mountains. It was the perfect combination of activities to capture the essence of their beautiful relationship. Watching the sunset was truly profound – the brilliant colors changing in the valley as the sun dipped over the mountains was so grand to behold. It truly was a special day at this Glacier National Park portrait session. 

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