April 4, 2019 /

Olympic Peninsula Elopement


The Olympic Peninsula holds a huge part of my heart. Its scenery is unmatched, in my eyes, and there’s a calmness unlike anything I’ve experienced amidst its landscape. Since my first visit in 2017, I have continued to seek every opportunity to witness its glory again. When Meg and Landon wanted to spend the weekend wandering around the Olympic National Park and elope on Hurricane Ridge, my heart skipped a freaking beat. What better way to celebrate this huge adventure of marriage than to embark on one heck of an adventure yourselves!

We canoed the vivid blue waters of Lake Crescent, hiked through the lush coastal forest, walked the beaches of La Push at sunset, and ended the celebration by exchanging their vows surrounded by the Alpine mountain ranges of Hurricane Ridge. Every moment of this weekend was full and rich. From the excitement of exploration to the burning in our lungs as we hiked to this humbling peak. I love the choices they made to commemorate this chapter of their lives with an unforgettable experience. & can you believe Meg’s BHLDN gown?

Meg & Landon’s elopement is the perfect example of the opportunity to truly make your wedding your own. You don’t have to do this the way others are doing it. Big weddings are beautiful, but if that doesn’t feel like you then don’t do it. Instead, cultivate intimate memories around what you’re passionate about. If you’re an outdoor junky like these two, put yourself in front of a life-altering view. Give your heart the peace and smallness you encounter when you stare giant mountain ranges in the face. Remove yourself from the ongoing drone of everyday life and allow yourself to see things from a new perspective.

This time is valuable, and you’ll never get it back, so why worry about having the right silverware set if that doesn’t matter to you? It can be a process that honors you instead of drains you. Yeah, it’ll probably require you to boldly own what you love, even to the point of being unconventional, but I promise you this. You will feel alive with every breath rather than glazing over this significant season. And that is worth it.


Your edits are always so perfect

WOWWWWZAAA😍 talk about TALENT 👏🏼

beautiful stuff as ALWAYS!

YOU ARE SO TALENTED! Richmond is losing a gem!

So so so love what you do! I tell my husband all the time when we get our vows renewed one day I want to do it like this on the side of a mountain with you photographing. Love your work and style. I actually went to school with you from 5th-8th grade so it’s super neat to see your success now that we are adults. Blessings of continued growth for you girl!

I have always admired your work- don’t know if we’ve ever met officially, but seriously you’re my favorite photographer!! You capture beauty in all its rawness- sad you’re leaving RVA, but excited to continue to see your work as you go to PNW!!

WOW! It seems that you’re not only in tune with the beautiful couple but also all the beautiful landscapes around you. I love how you are sure to capture the beautiful depth of all the rocks and mountains around you but it never takes away from your main focus- the couple. Reading all your captions bring this shoot to life!! LOVE

Alexa – every picture you take is absolutely breathtaking! You have a wonderful gift – truly! I love how natural and comfortable everyone looks in your photos. Keep up the good work!

So beautiful!!!

These are all absolutely STUNNING!! I’m in awe of your beautiful talent!

These shots are amazing!!!

Seriously amazing. You are so talented and every photo is just captivating. You so beautifully capture creation and the beauty within people. Love your work.

The canue pictures are amazing! Love the natural look of your photos, they’re so so beautiful!

Your work never ceases to inspire and wow me.
I’m so excited for this next adventure in your life! Sad you are leaving Virginia – but pumped you’re taking this next step. Don’t forget about little ol RVA!

Amazing photography!!! You are one of a kind. Beautiful art in every way

Beautiful Seattle is lucky to have you.

Oh my goodness these pictures are MAGIC. Lexi you did an incredible job. What a gift.

The PNW (and Richmond always) is lucky to have you! Lexi you are so talented at capturing couples real moments!


Your work is beautiful and authentic! I love reading through your captions as you talk about your clients. You have a gift & you know it well!

You portray love in such a raw, beautiful and soft light — to say you are talented would be an understatement! You have such a special gift and I am so excited to see how far you grow in the PNW!

These images are absolutely stunning. I have my own small side photography hustle, and you are someone whose style I love & look up to! Awesome job on the new website!

Lexi, your photos are as beautiful as you are! So incredibly talented.

Congratulations Lexi! Your pictures are always 💯👌🏼

This dress!! This makes me want to elope/renew our vows.

You are SO talented!!! I’m so proud of you! You are one of the bravest people I know. So excited to see ALL you do the rest of your year in Richmond and then when you move across the country!!!

Brianna Arquelle

Oh these are all stunning!!! I can’t wait to get out west and see it with my own eyes one day

Jessica Bardenheier

So beautiful! I’ve been admiring your work since you shot a wedding for some of our sweetest friends! Just stunning!

I’m so proud of everything you have accomplished. The website looks beautiful and captures the way you see beauty in the world so well.

Lex, these are so beautiful! Still consider myself so lucky to have had you take photos at our wedding back at the start of this! You’re amazing!

Everything about this is beautiful Lexi! The website and photos are a perfect representation of you! So proud of you!!

Chandler Richardson

so proud of you Lexi!!

Love love this! You are gifted with much talent!

These look amazing! I’m so sad your moving but I’ll tell all my West coast friends about you! I’m launch a new wedding dress company and your look is perfect for our vibe! I hope you pick me!!!

christine minnick

beautiful photos! what an amazing corner of the country ❤️

Beautiful photos, beautiful site. It would be a privilege to experience freedom in front of your lens! You are so incredibly talented Lexi — best of luck!!!

You’re amazing and this is awesome!! So excited for you Lexi!

All I can think when I look at this gallery is dang, I want to be them! You were made to do this, lex. You see what’s just out of view and somehow tame feelings and make them physical and visible.

anne stewart freeman

you go girl! so proud of you. the website looks awesome, and these words and photos are beautiful ✨


So beautiful, Lexi!! Thrilled for you in this new adventure in the PNW. We are heading to the San Juan Islands this coming week- will anticipate picturing how its beauty awaits your creativity! Best wishes!

Love love love! So dreamy!

These pictures are stunning! So excited for this next phase!

LEXI!! This is so good!

Frickin amazing Lexi 🔥🔥🔥

Amazing! Excited to follow along with your next chapter!

Gorgeous shots as always – you’re meant to be in PNW <3

Lexi you did it. You’ve been doing it and now it’s curated and manifested here for us all to experience. The site is raw and so honest to who you are. Thank you for practicing what you preach and showing us a new level of authenticity.

These shots are gorgeous and your new website is so fab! Happy for you!

Ugh! I am not sure which photos I love more but the ones near the water are so dreamy. The color edits on these are breathtaking. So stunning!

I just want to live in your photographs.
So pumped to see what this pnw adventure brings you!!!

Beautiful post!

The website looks AMAZING! I’m so proud. Wow.

WELL my decision to elope has now been made solely from these pictures

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