April 12, 2021 /

Intimate Backyard Wedding | Whitefish, MT


Montana Backyard Wedding

A bride and groom embrace in a field during their Whitefish, MT wedding photographed by Alexa Ann, PNW elopement photographer.

An intimate and romantic backyard wedding

Elopements and micro-weddings have quickly become a popular way to celebrate your marriage. Because of Covid-19, Resilient brides and grooms everywhere have been forced to forgo their extravagant plans and opt for a more intimate wedding day. However, with these sacrifices has come so much beauty. Smaller weddings and elopements have been some of my favorite to shoot because the intimacy allows for deeply honest & emotive imagery. There is something incredibly special about capturing what matters most: a couple’s love story. Juan and Jenna’s intimate backyard wedding in Whitefish, Montana was solely focused on celebrating their love story with their dear ones. 

A beautiful ceremony in a memory-filled home

Juan and Jenna were high school sweethearts! Jenna works as a registered nurse and Juan is currently working towards his Bachelor’s in exercise science. They chose to have a small wedding in Jenna’s aunt’s backyard. The home held a special meaning for the both of them – they had been visiting Montana and staying there for years, visiting White Fish Mountain Resort and exploring the beautiful surrounding areas. Together, they created and shared many memories in this house, so having their backyard wedding on the beautifully manicured grounds was authentic to their journey as a couple.

Everyone played a part in this backyard wedding

Every single person played a role in carrying out this backyard wedding. Jenna’s uncle is an architect who beautifully designed the property and her sister put together the stunning florals. It was such an honor to watch this unforgettable day come together during this family affair. 

The arbor was custom made from an old ski lift chair which added a cool decorative touch! The florals were bold and vibrant, showcasing the wispy wildflowers of Montana. The lakeside ceremony was sacred and so full of love!

The look on Juan’s face when Jenna was walking down the aisle towards him is something I’ll never forget. I loved being a part of this backyard wedding in Whitefish, Montana and I’m so excited for this couple and their life together!

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