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Italy Elopement Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Elope in Italy


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Italy Elopement Guide

If you’re dreaming about an Italy elopement, you’ve picked one of the most beautiful places to elope, and I couldn’t support you more!

Italy makes an incredible elopement destination! Firstly, it has passionate culture, amazing food, gorgeous weather. But this magnificent nation is also strewn with the most stunning natural beauty, not to mention the wonderful historic venues & properties that elevate the destination elopement experience into something unforgettable.

Allow me to be your guide to an Italy elopement! I’m part Italian & I studied abroad in Italy in college to learn a bit of the language. Later in life, my work as an elopement photographer has taken me all over the country (Venice, Milan, Rome, Capri, Perugia, Naples, Tuscany, Florence… the list goes on), so if you’re looking for someone with experience in crafting & capturing an Italian elopement, I’m your girl!

For now, let’s go over what you need to know to get you started with planning your ideal Italy elopement – the best locations to escape to, when to go, and how to get there. We’ll also talk about the best places to stay and the steps to take to make your marriage legal. So let’s dive in!

Best Places to Elope in Italy

There is no shortage of breathtaking places to elope in Italy, it’s true – but these are some of my favorites. Each of these regions has a different atmosphere, so it’s about what kind of aesthetic lights you up & makes you want to explore.

#1 – Eloping in the Italian Dolomites

This location is for the more adventurous couple – it has endless hiking, climbing, paragliding, and opportunities for adrenalin. The Italian Dolomites are probably the most incredible mountain peaks that this world offers. Their jagged shape & humbling heights truly will fill you with awe from the moment you step into town.


Where to Stay

For an Italy elopement in the Dolomites, I’d say to start looking for places to stay in Trentino, Belluno, & South Tyrol provinces, specifically the towns of Brixen or Cortina Dolomites. These offer the easiest access to the mountains. Some of my favorite resorts include Alpina Dolomites and Forestis, both with incredible views right from your window. There’s also a ton of beautiful Airbnbs in the area you can rent! Here is a customized list of my favorite Airbnbs near the Dolomites.

When to Go

The best time to visit will be the end of June through mid-October. During this time the trails will be free of the snow that makes lots of places inaccessible during other shoulder season months. In the summer specifically, you’ll have the opportunity to check out all of the incredible Via Ferrata routes. 

Personal tip: plan your hiking or climbing elopement for September or October to avoid the high tourism in other months.

How to Get There

The main international airports with easy access to the Dolomites are Munich (in Germany) & Venice.  If you’re headed to Cortina, I recommend Venice (Marco Polo Airport), because there is a direct bus. Munich is best if you are going to Brixen, which is a 3.5-hour train ride away. From there, you can either rent a car near town with an international driver’s permit (I recommend through KAYAK) or hire a driver who is more acquainted with the area & driving in it. 



#2 – Eloping in Tuscany

This is an Italy elopement location for wine lovers searching for rich culture & passionate romance. You can hide away in the rolling hills of Tuscany, tasting wine, or venture to the cities of Florence & Rome to experience some of the world’s most incredible food & art museums.


Tuscany Destination Elopement

Where to Stay

If you’re traveling to Tuscany, I highly recommend splitting your stay between country & city. For the more rural visits, you can stay at historic hotels such as Castello di Vicarello or Residenza Antica Flamina, both near Rome. Or you can find a more private property through Airbnb or Vrbo to host your destination wedding celebration. Here is my own personal list of Airbnbs surrounding Florence for larger and smaller parties!

When to Go

The most pleasant time for an Italy elopement in Tuscany will be early spring & fall: April – May & September – October. You’ll find more moderate temperatures and fewer crowds during these months as opposed to the summer.

How to Get There

You can fly into the major airports of Rome or Florence. Some hotels or private resorts in Tuscany will offer drivers, or you can hire your own to take you to your Tuscan elopement destination. Or you can even rent a car from the airports with an international driver’s license!



#3 – Eloping on the Amalfi Coast

This elopement spot is for those who want an Italy elopement full of relaxing by beautiful waters, soaking up the beautiful scenery, and admiring the charming cities that house so many incredible vacation activities. You can take a private boat excursion, snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, hike, and much, much more. If you’re in Capri, you have to take an excursion to the Blue Grotto, a sea cave off the coast!


Where to Stay

My favorite parts of the coast are Positano & Capri. You can stay in some of the luxury hotels & villas that surround the coast, such as Positano’s Hotel Le Agavi with its own private beach, or Capri’s Hotel Caesar Agustus. However, there are some incredible Airbnb & Vrbo properties that line the Amalfi Coast & have perfect views for a private ceremony. Here is a list of my favorites for an Italy elopement on the Amalfi coast!

When to Go

The best months to visit these coastal areas will be May or September, as the large crowds that develop in the summer months will be absent. May will have warmer waters if you want to plan your elopement around the beach or water activities.

How to Get There

You can fly to Naples International airport! I recommend getting an international driver’s permit so you can drive down the coast by SS163 highway or Amalfi Drive that connects all the cities – it’s one of the most scenic drives in the world! If driving in a foreign country isn’t for you, you can hire a private driver to get you to your destination. From there, exploring each town is best done on foot!


Tuscany Destination Elopement


How to Make Your Italy Elopement Legal

You don’t need to be a permanent resident to get married in Italy, but you do need the proper paperwork. You’ll need your birth certificate, affidavit, passport, and two witnesses. Italy does recognize civil and religious ceremonies. However, if you are having a non-Catholic ceremony, a civil ceremony must be incorporated to be legal. For more info, check the US Embassy in Italy.

If you don’t want to deal with the logistics of getting a marriage license in Italy, you can always get legally married in the US by courthouse and have a more personal vow exchange abroad! This tends to be the simpler option.

Final Thoughts on Your Italy Elopement

Choosing to go for an Italy elopement is one of the best decisions you can make when you’re planning your wedding. As you can see, this country is drenched in beauty, history, & adventure – and it offers scenes that are worthy of your love story!

If you’re interested in learning more about working with me & want a glimpse of what having me as your elopement photographer could be like, please don’t hesitate to say hello!




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