March 29, 2021 /

Mount Rainier Cabin Elopement


A stunning Mount Rainier Cabin Elopement in the Forest

I love the evolution of the word “elopement.” What was once considered nostalgic or spontaneous now holds a completely different meaning at this moment in time. As a result of a global pandemic, elopements have only become more romantic, intimate, and rich in experience. They’re about the love shared between two people, which is the only thing that matters on a couple’s wedding day. This brings me to Emily and Keith and their Mount Rainier cabin elopement nestled deep in the forest. I’m beyond thrilled to share these photos with you, because this outdoor elopement was so lovely to capture!

An Incredible Love Story

Emily and Keith met at summer camp (how fun is that!?). Keith was a full-time cook at a camp in Leavenworth and Emily went up to the camp to be the adventure specialist for the 2019 season. They spent the summer getting to know each other and falling in love. Their love and friendship only grew and their Mount Rainier cabin elopement was the perfect way to celebrate their beautiful love story! 

Celebrating What Matters Most 

This elopement was romantic and beautiful! Surrounded by their family on the porch of a rented cabin, Emily and Keith exchanged their wedding vows. They rented the cabin next door for their post-ceremony dinner on the porch and after dinner, we escaped to venture out to Mount Rainier so they could watch the sunset together. The light was brilliant – warm, radiant, and pure. It was such an honor to be a part of Emily and Keith’s Mount Rainier cabin elopement. I loved documenting the countless sweet moments between them in such a beautiful place! COVID has brought with it many unfortunate circumstances, but getting to watch two people boldly celebrate their love makes everything inside of me come alive. I’m happy to have the opportunity of capturing this Mount Rainier cabin elopement and I wish them the very best in their life together!

If you’re looking for someone to capture all of the intimate and romantic moments of your elopement, don’t be afraid to say hey!


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