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Mt Rainier Elopement, An Elopement Guide


Mt Rainier Elopement Guide

Planning a Mt Rainier Elopement? I’m Lexi, a Mt Rainier National Park enthusiast & elopement photographer friend ready to guide you towards your dream mountain elopement. Mt Rainier is one of those marvels of nature that leaves you in complete awe & wonder. The marbling & texture of the glaciers. The icy & idyllic streams of runoff. With every visit, I become more & more humbled by its grandeur, making it a truly incredible scene for your adventure elopement. Because of its rare beauty, today I’m sharing tips & knowledge with you in the hopes of helping you cultivate your own unforgettable elopement amidst its glory.



How to Elope in Mt Rainier National Park

  1. The Landscape
  2. Best Time of Year
  3. Elopement Vendors
  4. Places to Stay

Mt Rainier National Park Landscape >>

Mt Rainier is an active, composite volcano home to 25 major glaciers, various waterfalls, numerous snowfields & vibrant fields of wildflowers in the summer. Moreover, it is a geological dream world, rich in history & various ecosystems. You are likely to spot the abundant wildlife that inhabits the park over its different seasons. Specifically, elk & deer are more prominent in the fall, and numerous marmots scoot around the meadows in the summer. Located in west-central Washington on the Cascade Range, it’s about a 2-2.5 hour drive from Seattle, WA. With just a fairly short trek from this major city, you will feel so wholly surrounded by deep wilderness & life-altering views.



Best time of year to elope in Mt Rainier National Park >>



The best time to elope in Mt Rainier is during the summer months, July & August, because the weather is driest & its wildflower blooms are their most colorful. When planning a summer elopement, I highly recommend eloping on a weekday, since traffic is lower & you’re guaranteed more privacy. Temperatures over these months will be more pleasant, with 60-70 degree days depending on elevation. However, the park is open year around & can still be a dreamland for your outdoor elopement in the fall, winter & spring months.

September – October will show iconic fall leaves, with crisp temperatures, and the first snowfall to come as early as mid-late October. After the fall, Mt Rainier will be a winter wonderland in the months of November – March, but vehicle access at this time of year is only available from the Nisqually entrance in the southwest corner of the park. In addition, it is always important to check the road status regularly during these months due to the blankets of snow. Following, the temperatures will start to rise in the Spring, giving you a chance to enjoy the park before the summer rush, but most parts of the park will still be under snow, limiting locations for your elopement spot.





Mt Rainier National Park Elopement Vendors >>

Well, I know a photographer that’s crazy about Mt Rainier National Park and sharing unforgettable memories with her couples…

It’s me! I’d be honored to be a part of the exchange of such intimate moments. In fact, it’s the basis of my business– braving the wilderness. If you’re unfamiliar with the philosophy, it boils down to this:

Braving the wilderness is finding the courage to share your most authentic self with the world, even if that means going against the grain. It’s about risking comfort for boldness to unashamedly be who you were made to be. Yep, it’s digging deep and finding freedom in belonging to yourself because that’s how we honor ourselves and ultimately love others well >> when we allow ourselves to operate out of this raw, sort of scary, but real and remarkable place.

That’s why I love elopements. I truly believe in its ability to cultivate a day that is yours and not anyone else’s. There’s something about venturing into the wilderness that gives you clear perspective and unbridled freedom. So sign me up, I’m here and psyched to help you cultivate your Mt Rainier National Park elopement day. Here are my elopement packages, and you can book here!

Other elopement vendors I love include:

  • The Greatest Adventure Weddings, your one stop shop for planning your adventure wedding or elopement
  • Ondine, an elopement & wedding florist whose inspiration is rooted deeply in the earth & nature
  • Nordeen Bridal, a wedding dress line made specifically for adventure weddings & elopements
  • Kassidy Sherburne, a videographer whose focus is on adventure weddings & elopements


Places to stay in Mt Rainier National Park >>

There’s a tonnn of awesome options for lodging near Mt Rainier. From wood lodges & campgrounds for your larger family affair, to epic A-frame cabin airbnbs, to camp spots off backpacking trails for you and your adventurous pals.


A real life, Mt Rainier Elopement Story >>

It’s funny to me how our dreams/passions shift over the years. When this thing started out, I had no idea what shape it would take. Actually, I honestly didn’t really know the kind of photographer I wanted to be. And I would have never guessed my business would be in the place it’s in now.

Only two things were certain to me: 1, I wanted to do this differently. I didn’t want to just show up, provide a professional product and leave. The relational opportunity that’s present in this business to come alongside real people and document their love in a real way was too powerful for me to do this superficially. 2, I wanted to leave my clients with an experience that moved them deeply. One that could make them more aware of love and how cool it is, especially in the context of their story.

Who knew that those 2 things would evolve into what this is today. That it would take me to the other side of the country to Washington. Again, who knew I’d be put in front of some of the most raw forms of beauty. That it would push me and challenge me to step into the wilderness.

I’ve been dreaming about going to Mt Rainier for years, and this day with Marky & David finally brought that dream to life. You know how you hear about a place, imagine it up in your mind, and then watch that image crumble and rebuild itself into something greater than you knew possible when you actually get to see it. That’s Mt. Rainier. I just couldn’t stop staring. And I can’t believe I got to make work amidst its glory.



Marky & David’s Elopement day

This Pacific Northwest adventure will remain with me for all of my days. We planned this thing to a T, finding the perfect, less trafficked trail that could give them space to celebrate their love without a million people watching. First, the day started in their apartment with their cat babies, niko & bean. Next, we gathered up all the goodies, including florals by Ondine Co, the most beautiful BHLDN gown, car snacks, and post-ceremony sammies. Once ready, we piled into the car and made our way out to our destination. We even had some suprisingly real & deep conversations along the way which made me like these two new friends even more than I already thought possible.

Upon arrival, we started the trek to our sweet spot, stopping to admire a bear along the way. As soon as we made it to the summit, the golden light started pouring in, making their words of love for each other all the more radiant. We watched the warm light fade to blue, and then made our way down the mountain. Lastly, we ended the day under the night sky scarfing down our sammies– Un Bien knows how to freaking do it y’all.

This job is scary, in a good way. It requires boldness to explore new territory, and it’s a little unnerving to go to places I’ve never been. No matter how much I prepare for them. Yes, it’s scary, but it pushes me towards bravery, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



This is incredible!!! Wow!!! I love how you love people so well and not just the final product – it shows through your photographs in such a unique and beautiful way. You’re amazing!

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