March 23, 2020 /

Outdoor Elopements, a COVID-19 special


Our lives have all taken a turn. I don’t think any of us expected COVID-19 to impact us so directly, but it is in our midst, it is changing plans, it is placing us in unknowns, and it is a little scary. But even as fear builds, there is hope. There is beauty. There is peace. One way that I as a business owner can bring this hope to you in the form of a service is help cultivate an experience in place of the one you were originally planning when thinking of your wedding day– an intimate outdoor adventure elopement.



Many of you are having to reschedule or even cancel your weddings in the light of these circumstances. While you may not be able to gather with your people, you can still celebrate your love in a way you may not have initially thought. You can plan a day amidst the great outdoors, and say your vows in the presence of some friends less thought of– 360 degree mountain views, a deep forest of giant trees, the ripples from the shoreline of a river or lake.



There are safe ways to do this that still honor the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Ways less common when forming a wedding celebration, but wonderful all the same. You can avoid the congregation of a large group in a confined space by instead creating a private, outdoor ceremony with a humbling landscape as your backdrop, mountain air a plenty. And you can still even have that big dance party of your dreams at a later time! I know you are stressed. I know that you feel powerless against this health crisis. Maybe this physical manifestation of power & peace is actually just what you need to give your heart rest.



So what does this look like? Well it starts with you and what kind of experience you’re looking for. We can drive up to a lookout, hike out to a more private spot, choose to hold your ceremony as the sun greets the day at sunrise, or cap off celebrations by watching the sun fade behind the horizon. You don’t have to be a pro hiker for this. There is no need to train. You honestly don’t even have to exert any physical activity. It is all up to you and what gets you excited– I will do the location scouting based off of your vision.

No matter what you’re looking for, there are sure to be a variety of state parks, national forests, national parks & BLM land near you for us to choose from. Some land may require an application/permit fee, some may not require anything at all. But rest assured that with a little research, your options are endless.



I believe in the power of being outside. I believe in the love that is living and breathing in these places. I believe that although this is not what you were dreaming, it can honor your love story in a way that is just as valuable. Let me help you alter your vision. It is a huge part of my job to explore, to find hidden places, and to bring you to them. If I can get to you without putting you or others at risk, I would be honored to aid you in reconstructing your wedding day into a completely, unfathomably beautiful experience that was not expected. Now offering an outdoor elopement 10% off special to all elopement packages.



We have a choice here. We have a choice to let this break or reshape us. I think that even when faced with a situation as dark as what we’re in, there is still magnificent light if we search for it. It may be off the beaten path. It may not come natural to seek it out. It may be really, really hidden, but I do think it is there. Let’s go find it.


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