Meet Your PNW Based Elopement Photographer

Hey, I'm Lexi & I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna be good friends

adventure elopement photographer circa 2013 & still loving it

There are few times I feel more whole & alive than when I'm photographing PNW elopements. Sharing each captivating landscape with you and recording its specific role in binding you together makes for some of my fondest memories. With a camera in hand, feet on the trail, and heart committed to connecting you with nature, I'm my happiest and most true self. That's how I know I've found it, my calling. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share that with you. I’m the friend that forever squeezes you too tight, always stops to revel in both the sun & rain + will relentlessly search for ways to show you how beautiful you are to me. Photography is my outlet, and I’m thankful everyday to call it my job. Currently residing in Idaho, ready to travel to whatever views you're aching to see!

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Observing love inspires me. It's what holds us all closely. Always changing & looking different as it moves from person to person, it's a force that alters lives, adds value, & has the ability to seep to the innermost corners of our hearts. Love is big, & your love is a big deal to me. As a photographer, it's my highest honor to document the legacy your love leaves behind. I believe that legacy lives most vibrantly in the unique way you interact with each other >> the soft, giddy, messy, intimate, imperfect + unposed moments that you share together, & that’s where I strive to capture it.


Some things that mean a lot to me:

>> authenticity rather than forced poses
>> meaningful experiences above extravagant things
>> vulnerability in place of perfection
>> personality over tradition
>> quality before quantity
>> emotion as opposed to surface level conversation
>> intimacy in lieu of a giant production

I don’t want to just hand you a product at the end of this. I want to offer you something with infinitely more depth. My goal is to show up on your elopement day and feel like another friend, supporting you in this pivotal chapter. There’s no way I can provide you images at the end of this that will make you truly feel all the deep, good, real shit if we don’t know each other.

So here’s my offer >> Let’s do this thing together. Let’s spend significant time with one another, building an adventure that will last. Let’s take a drive to the mountains, exchange life stories while walking through the forest, breathe in a sunset, dance around to your constant soundtrack, and celebrate.

You catchin’ what I’m layin’ down? You’ve got to be ready to really invite me into this, for all of it, not just the hallmark card version. I wanna get the moments where you’re laughing your hardest, eye crinkles and all, hair everywhere, looking at your person like you can’t believe you found them. Because these are the moments that matter and I want you to walk away with rich memories.

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