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Looking for Pocatello Wedding Photographers?


Pocatello Wedding Photographers

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This is actually the coolest story. Around October of last year, I was just about to make my move to Idaho, & I was feeling all sorts of nerves, anticipation, excitement, doubt even. Doubt of how I would move my business to a new state and join the amazing Pocatello wedding photographers already working there. Then steps in Michael!

Serendipity in Searching for Pocatello Wedding Photographers

I was on a plane editing pictures when Michael, who was sitting next to me, stops me & asks me if I’m a photographer. He tells me that he’s searching for Pocatello wedding photographers, and starts talking about how excited he is to propose to his girlfriend, Jenny. I couldn’t help but smile & feel joy for their journey as Michael shared their story with me.

He asked for my contact info & I left that unlikely encounter feeling so encouraged. But that wasn’t the end of it. Michael reached out to me after he proposed! I’m still feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for our serendipitous meeting & being invited into all of the beauty that unfolded.

A Beautiful Wedding at the Hive Venue

Jenny and Michael got married at The Hive Wedding Venue, and their beautiful wedding was truly the best possible way to start the season. The white walls, natural light & minimalist aesthetic of this gorgeous venue was the perfect backdrop for the elegance of their wedding’s neutral color palette & dreamy vibes.

Something I really appreciate about every wedding & elopement is the decisions each couple makes. I love seeing how they vary so greatly from celebration to celebration. It’s inspiring to observe how each couple manifests their personality through venue, decor & details, as it truly displays parts of who they are & what they love. When i met Jenny, her light spirit & happy giggles poured out of her into the room, bringing comfort & ease in her presence. I love how i can feeel that warmth reflected in her rosy color palette & dried florals. Hope you enjoy this set of their beautiful Pocatello Wedding!

If you’re thinking about an Idaho wedding, but you’re dreaming of making it into an adventure – check out my guide to the best places to elope in Idaho. And, of course, take a look through my portfolio for more inspiration.






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