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Mountain Sunset Wedding in Washington's Central Cascades


Central Cascades Mountain Sunset Wedding

Bride and groom posing during their mountain sunset wedding in the Central Cascades; image overlaid with text that reads Mountain Sunset Wedding in Washington's Central Cascades

Sunset Wedding in Washington’s Central Cascades

Austin and Quin’s gorgeous sunset wedding session was truly worthy of their own vibrant love story. They lived five minutes away from each other throughout the whole of their childhoods and never even knew! Imagine that. They finally started dating at 16, making them high school sweethearts! Their relationship is one built & vetted by the many years that have made up their love story, with a college transfer, big cross-country move, and the addition of three sweet fur babies.

During their wedding celebration on the mountain, I felt the deep history that formed their special bond. Quin looks at Austin with so much joy & light, and  it couldn’t have been more clear that they’ve loved each other since they were 16.

Climbing Mountaintops for the Perfect Sunset Wedding

I wanted to make sure that Austin and Quin had the perfect vantage point to enjoy the glorious Cascades scenery during our session, so I scouted a hike up to a mountain point – it had to be high enough to be able to appreciate the valleys and peaks around us, but short enough that they still looked gorgeous by the time we reached the top.

We timed their sunset wedding session perfectly so that as we stood up there, the setting sun turned the mountains gold and cloaked the ridges with a blanket of color. It was unforgettable!

If you’re looking for someone to help you cast vision and capture your own stunning sunset wedding or mountain elopement, let’s talk. I’d love to be part of your love story!



Photography: Alexa Ann
Florals: Enchanted Whimsy Design
Dress: BHLDN

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