March 25, 2020 /

The Power of a Place


You may be tired of me talking about elopements. There is so much work I love to make outside of offering elopements (weddings, portraits, branding, etc), but right now with the current condition of our country, my goal is to make this process that may be foreign to some of you more accessible as an option when thinking about changing plans for your wedding due to COVID-19.

Places hold immense power, and this is the cornerstone of my business. Whether it’s the top of a mountain, the depths of a valley, the corners of your home– I believe places inform who we are. Elopements give you the opportunity to put yourself amidst some of our world’s most incredible places. These locations are more than just backdrops to me– I believe something special lives in their midst.


Idk if this is crazy, but I’ve felt my deepest connection to understanding my own emotional landscape and had some of my biggest realizations in the face of physical landscapes– mountain summits, walking through forests, toes dipped in rivers, etc. I think it has something to do with the ability to get out of my own head, my own perspective, and see things tangibly out in our world. It so heavily grounds me and often reminds me of who I am and what my own place is.

This is my heart behind searching & bringing you to these spots. I want to offer that grounding space to you. I want it to inform your relationship positively and be a moving force that gives a steadfast perspective to the beginning of your life together. That is why I believe in elopements and what they represent.


So how do you pick a place?

It all starts with you and your person. What kind of space will honor your relationship most fully? Is it the wildly untouched mountainscape of the North Cascades? What about the other worldly rocks of Moab? Maybe it’s the hazy cliffs of the Oregon Coast. Or the forever-rolling mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Or maybe it’s a different country entirely, and you want to proclaim your love amidst the Italian Dolomites or the iconic peaks of Pategonia. Get a list going, do some research, and reach out if you need any help. Be sure to pay attention to park regulations & permit requirements when searching!

Due to National Park closures & travel restrictions in efforts to stop COVID-19, you may need to search for spots more local. Hop on Google Maps, zoom in on those vast green spaces, and see what kind of scenery is just a short drive away. You may be entirely surprised by the beauty that is in such close proximity to you. & again, reach out if you are having any trouble! Let’s dream this up together!





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